The story of Edition Skellton

Edition Skellton is the natural consequence of a lifetime of being obsessed.
In this specific case, of being obsessed with exploring the different values of arranging music for all kinds of ensemble forms; reducing, transcribing and transforming music.
Being a conductor and an orchestral and chamber musician helps of course, providing many opportunities to use that special interest and to bring the ideas to life.
Now, we are proud to have brought these ideas, works and arrangements together in this cataloque.

Falling in love with a piece of music and wanting to enjoy it, play it or conduct it with an ensemble or orchestra is the reason why Edition Skellton and our collaborators have so many arrangements to display.
Skellton products are printed on an HP Laserjet printer on Munken 120g paper. Thanks to our Renz SPB 360 machine our scores and most of the individual parts are spiral-bound.

We’ll continue to provide you with the arrangements and reductions you never knew you needed, but should you not find what you require amongst our catalogue, don’t hesitate to contact our Tailor-Made service.

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