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Our hundredth arrangement!

This is incredible, but nevertheless true! Today we publish our full scale arrangement number 100, the sinfonietta version of Johann Strauss’ polka-schnell Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka op. 214.
Welcome to read it HERE!

Skellton Highlights:

SCB Series! New collaboration with Stockholm Chamber Brass.

Edition Skellton is proud to start a collaboration with Stockholm Chamber Brass, the highly acclaimed quintet, founded in 1988. Edition Skellton is proud to release a number of first-class arrangements from SCB’s repertoire. Today you can enjoy seven of their works HERE. Look out for future releases soon to come!

Photo credit: Miki Anagrius

Anders Högstedt, skilled and exceptionally experienced arranger/composer, is one our most productive and popular co-workers. With a vast number of fine transcriptions and arrangements for orchestra and wind band, he gets a lot of attention for his work.

Check out the music he has let us at Edition Skellton share with the world.
Click here or search the page for “Högstedt”. Enjoy!

Photo credit: Nadja Sjöström