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Today, Skellton’s material is used in all continents. Chamber music, Orchestral material, vocal and complete operas, all is available.

Founded in 2021, only three years ago, Edition Skellton obviously filled a gap and started providing what musicians worldwide had been looking for.
Welcome in to find your repertoire for the next concert.

Also, our smash hit service Tailor-made arrangements is currently working on 4 different projects, one of them being a reduction of an iconic Puccini opera.

Skellton Highlights:

Under the roof of Skellton, Daniel Nelson is the composer with the most works to discover, contemporary and classical alike. His music has rhythmical drive and contains a constant eagerness to tell stories, and from Skelltons point of view, we can clearly acknowledge that that is why we enjoy his music so much.

Nelson has many commissions at the moment and the world premières sometimes comes back-to-back. The season 23/24 is not an exception; there will be a new staging of the revised version of his first opera, Pride and Prejudice (Stolthet och Fördom) at NorrlandsOperan. Have a sneak peek at the vocal score HERE and both scores HERE.
Read more about the production here! 

And today we are thrilled to let you know that in May 2024, it also will be published in an English version, making all the Jane Austen fans in the world getting the full access to Nelson’s joyful opera comique.

SCB Series! New collaboration with Stockholm Chamber Brass.

Edition Skellton is proud to enjoy a collaboration with Stockholm Chamber Brass, the highly acclaimed quintet, founded in 1988. Edition Skellton is proud to release a number of first-class arrangements from SCB’s repertoire. Today you can enjoy ten (10!) of their works HERE. Look out for future releases soon to come!

Photo credit: Miki Anagrius

Photo credit: Elias Gammelgård

A challenging hit of an arrangement

Till Eulenspiegel, the merry prankster, musically best known through Richard Strauss’s tone poem from 1895, is now for sale in a challenging but enjoyable arrangement by David Björkman for “Brahms sized” symphony orchestra: 2*2*2*2* – 4231 – 12 0 – Str.
(The original is impressive 4444 – 4(8)3(6)31 – 13 0 – Str)

Welcome to study (or purchase) it HERE!