Björkman, David: Tarantino suite


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version for orchestra. Full set of parts.
Find the score HERE.

Scoring: 2*22*2 – 2200 – 12 0 – Str (picc, bass clar.)

Durata: ca 15 min

Part format: B4, 5-9 pages

Year of composition: 2021

Notes: 9 short movements. See page 2 of the score.

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“The Tarantino Suite has its origins in my fascination with films and the idea that an ostensibly simple combination of words on paper can be sufficient to inspire an indelible character in the hands of a gifted and skillful actor. The Suite is a homage to the brilliant and multifaceted American film director Quentin Tarantino and his many unforgettable films, characters and scripts. The form of the piece is a nod to Mussorgsky’s ‘Pictures at an Exhibition’ though here it is Tarantino’s characters who are in the frame. They are sandwiched between a Promenade theme that represents Tarantino as the Creator – the exhibitionist who turns up every now and then throughout the piece.

The characters are born out of the power of their own essential energy and emotional makeup. Confident and unstoppable like Jules, courteous and charming on the surface yet cruel and sadistic like Hans Landa. Sinister, smooth-talking Mr. Blonde, sensitive, self-pitying Rick Dalton or the desperate vengeful and acutely melancholic The Bride.
The Creator theme rounds off the work with chords that can be seen to represent the empty stage and the unwritten page – Le Carte Blanche.”

David Björkman, Stockholm, June 2, 2021

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