Brahms, Johannes: Intermezzo op. 118, nr. 2, score


Scoring: Strings (

Durata: ca 6 min.

Score format: A4, 14 pages

Arranger: David Björkman

Notes: A slightly unusual kind of string quintet, with two celli at the bottom. Parts in B4-format. Originally written for piano solo.

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In this arrangement for strings, one of Brahms’s most beloved pieces for solo piano is carefully shaped to bring out the five communicating voices. The original was completed in 1893 and dedicated to Clara Schumann. Also available for string orchestra here.

Separate printed score: 230 sek. (Coil bound. A4 format, 14 pages. Frosted plastic front, hardback.)
Separate score in PDF: 138 sek. (A4 format, 14 pages)

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