Nelson, Daniel: Music for Beasts (2018)


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for symphonic brass. Original version. Score.

Scoring: Brass: (Trumpet.Horn.Bar/Euph.Tromb.Tuba.Perc.)

Durata: ca 19 min

Score format: B4, 65 pages

Year of composition: 2018

Notes: A five movement challenging and powerful suite for a versatile brass band: Fanfare for Beasts – Beauty for Beasts – Deep grind – March for Beasts – Ambient.
Several optional instrument changes; Trumpets can choose to play Fanfare trumpet in Eb or Trumpet in Bb in two of the movements. Trumpets are both doubling on Flugelhorn and Piccolo trumpet.
See page 2 of the score for more information.

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“Music for Beasts was composed for the Royal Swedish Cavalry Band, with the intention that it could be performed both in a concert setting as well as on horseback during the changing of the guards at the Royal Castle in Stockholm, Sweden. For obvious reasons, this posed a multitude of compositional challenges which needed to be solved, and which I fondly thought of as beasts which needed to be tamed.
For me, the beast was the orchestration; made up of strange, weird and unknown brass instruments. The beast was how to structure a piece which allowed music to function both for utility as well as for pleasure. The beast was also the history of military music which needed to be acknowledged, reflected, yet broken away from. In addition, beastly is the talent of the musicians who play this music while on horseback. And beastly are the horses that the cavalry sits upon as they perform this music. I have tried to solve these challenges, and have tried to tame the beasts with music; Music for Beasts.”  – Daniel Nelson

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