Berg, Alban: Sonate op. 1 (for sinfonietta)


Scoring: 2**2*2*2*-2200-1-Str

Durata: 12 min

Score format: B4, 31 pages.

Originally composed for piano solo.

Arranger: David Björkman, 2020

Notes: 1st flute is asked to play piccolo flute, but only in a few bars in the very end. Strings at least, but preferably with full string section.

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I fell in love with this masterpiece already as a teenager and tried to learn it on the piano. Being a better violinist than a pianist, I gave up, but I still wanted to own the music, so I started making instrumentations of it. One for chamber ensemble, another for string septet, a third one for orchestra. This version has so far been programmed only in Scandinavia. /DB

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