Björkman, David: Going places. For large orchestra, score


Scoring: 3*3*3*3*-4331-13 1-1-Str.

Durata: 4:30 min

Score format: A3, 21 pages

Year of composition: 2020

Notes: Unidentified Flying piece for Orchestra no. 1. Dedicated to the memory of Malin Westermark (1965-2008).

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“Dedicated to the memory of my sister Malin, who passed away much too early, fighting cancer. 
There were so many things she still had in front of her, so many places to go.” DB, 2020

Printed score: 300 sek (B4 format, 21 pages. Coil bound, frosted plastic front, hardback)
Score in PDF: 180 sek (B4 format, 21 pages)

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Printed parts: à 42 sek (B4 format. 2-3 pages, Munken paper, tissue tape.)
Parts in PDF: à 27 sek (B4-format. 2-3 pages.)

In the printed material, you get a standard string section of 300 parts:
29 winds, brass, timpani, percussion, celesta and harp parts + 30 string parts:  59 x 42 sek = 2.478 sek
Buying the material in pdf, you get 29 part + 5 string parts: 34 x 27 sek
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