Björkman, David: Going places. For large orchestra, full set of parts


Scoring: 3*3*3*3*-4331-13 1-1-Str.

Durata: 4:30 min

Parts format: B4, 2-3 pages

Year of composition: 2020

Notes: Unidentified Flying piece for Orchestra no. 1. Dedicated to the memory of Malin Westermark (1965-2008).

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Printed score: 300 sek (B4 format, 21 pages. Coil bound, frosted plastic front, hardback)
Score in PDF: 180 sek (B4 format, 21 pages)

Printed parts: à 42 sek (B4 format. 2-3 pages, Munken paper, tissue tape.)
Parts in PDF: à 27 sek (B4-format. 2-3 pages.)

In the printed material, you get a standard string section of 30 parts:
29 winds, brass, timpani, percussion, celesta and harp parts + 30 string parts:  59 x 42 sek = 2.478 sek
Buying the material in pdf, you get 29 part + 5 string parts: 34 x 27 sek = 918 sek
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Printed, PDF