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Dvorak, Antonin: Legends


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op. 56. Arrangement for Brass quintet

full set, Score and parts included

Scoring: 1st Trumpet in Eb/Picc. in Bb, 2nd Trp in C, Horn, Trombone, Tuba

Durata: ca 17 minutes

Format: Score – A4, 32 pages. Parts – B4, 11 pages

Original scoring: Piano, four hands

Arranger: Edward McCue, 2020

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Antonín Dvořák composed Legends early in 1881 as a four-handed piano duet in ten movements. After throngs of amateurs enthusiastically purchased its sheet music for music-making in their homes, Dvořák’s publisher asked him to produce a symphonic version suitable for performance at public concerts.

Eduard Hanslick, an influential music critic of the day, described the work as follows:
“The title Legends finds its justification in the narrative and epic tone that pervades the entire series of pieces. It is not certain what each movement depicts, but in every instance we sense that something miraculous or enchanting is taking place.
The music flows up through Legends from crystal-clear, deep waters, restorative and invigorating. What is it about Dvořák’s music that excites us and, at the same time, assures us?
Its sense of immediacy, its wholesome freshness.
Dvořák’s motifs are succinct and adeptly formed, and each repetition appears in a new light. Even though, at first glance, these Legends might not seem very erudite or scholarly, one quickly realizes that only a master of harmonic and contrapuntal art could have written them.”

Now, nearly one and a half centuries after their composition, this arrangement for brass quintet of the first four movements of the orchestral version of Legends will captivate the imagination of new listeners. 

Edward McCue, Denver, Colorado, June 2020

Separate printed score: 400 kr (Coil bound. A4 format. 32 pages. Frosted plastic front, hardback.)
Separate score in PDF: 320 kr. (A4 format. 32 pages)

Printed parts: à 90 kr (Coil bound. B4 format. 11 pages, hardback)
Parts in PDF: à 78 kr (A4 or B4-format. 10 pages.)

In the printed material, you get 5 parts: 5 x 90 = 450 sek
In PDF, you get 5 parts: 5 x 78 =380 sek
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Full set, score and parts

Printed, PDF