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Hartmann, J.P.E.: Vølvens spaadom op. 71


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Score. Find the parts HERE.

Scoring: 1*111-1110-11 1-Str (, Male choir (TTBB)

Durata: 17 min

Score format: B4, 67 pages

Original scoring: 3*222-4232-13 1 – Str, Male choir (TTBB)

Arranger: David Björkman, 2021

Notes: 5 movements. Lyrics in Danish.

The Danish composer Johan Peter Emilius Hartmann (1805-1900) was one of the most influential musicians of the nineteenth century. Although the musical production he left behind is large, Vølvens spaadom (The Prophecy of the Seeress) is one of the undisputed masterpieces. The lyrics are based on Völuspá, the most well known text from the Poetic Edda in Old Norse, telling the story of creation of the world. In 2006 Vølvens Spaadom was chosen as one of the 12 works that represent the Danish Cultural Canon.
This edition is an arrangement for male choir and small orchestra (or large chamber ensemble) commissioned by Johannes Nebel and Nanne Wendelboe. Optionally suitable for performances without conductor.

Printed score: 600 sek (B4 format, 67 pages. Coil bound, frosted plastic front, hardback)
Score in PDF: 480 sek (B4 format, 67 pages)

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Printed parts: à 60 sek (B4 format. 6-10 pages. Coil bound and hardback OR tissue tape.)
Parts in PDF: à 48 sek (B4-format. 6-10 pages.)

In the printed material, you get a standard string section of 5 parts:
10 winds, brass, timpani, percussion and harp parts + 5 string parts: 15 x 60 sek = 900 sek
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