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Sibelius, Jean: The Swan of Tuonela


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op. 22, no. 2. Arrangement for brass quintet.

Full set: Score and parts included

Scoring: 1st Trumpet in C, 2nd Trp in Bb, Horn in F, Trombone, Tuba

Durata: ca 8 minutes

Format: Score – A4, 11 pages. Parts – B4 or A4, 3 pages

Original scoring: 2222 – 4331 – 1 – Str

Arranger: Edward McCue, 2022

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Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) originally intended that The Swan of Tuonela would serve as an opera overture, but after that project was abandoned, the composition became one of the orchestral tone poems included in his Four Legends from the Kalevala.

As the mists rise in this scene from Finnish folklore, a magnificent black swan sings as it swims among the riparian reeds of Tuonela, the realm of the dead. Ignoring the majestic bird’s warning of impending doom, the adventurer Lemminkäinen attempts to abduct it, but when he fails, a poisoned arrow topples him into the icy river. As Lemminkäinen sinks to his death, the swan calmly smooths its plumage and resumes its mournful incantations.                                              

Separate printed score: 350 kr (Coil bound. A4 format. 11 pages. Frosted plastic front, hardback.)
Separate score in PDF: 280 kr. (A4 format. 11 pages)

Printed parts: à 50 kr (Tissue taped, B4 format. 3 pages)
Parts in PDF: à 42 kr (A4 or B4-format. 3 pages.)

In the printed material, you get 5 parts: 5 x 50 = 350 sek
In PDF, you get 5 parts: 5 x 42 =280 sek
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Full set, score and parts

Printed, PDF