Björkman, David: Brasseri-Buffé


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for brass soloists and sinfonietta. Full set of parts.
Find the score HERE.

Scoring: 2222-2200-1-Str + soloists

Durata: 5 min.

Parts format: B4, 3-4 pages

Notes: Piano reduction available on request.

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A short interactive piece written for the wonderful Symphony Orchestra Norrköping and their excellent, fearless brass section. Written for a school concert series; four brass soloists present their favorite concertos, their presentation turning into a light-hearted dramatic fight for the attention of the audience. Exact quotes from concert pieces of Haydn, R. Strauss, Catozzi and David are woven together and hopefully delivered with a certain amount of comic relief.

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Printed score: 400 sek (B4, 21 pages. Munken paper, coil bound, frosted plastic front, hardback)
Score in PDF: 320 sek (B4, 21 pages)

Printed parts: à 50 sek (B4 format, 3-4 pages. Munken paper, tissue tape bound.)
Parts in PDF: à 40 sek (B4 or A4 format, 3-4 pages.)

With the printed material, you get a standard string section of 20 parts:
17 winds, brass, timpani and solo parts + 20 string parts: 37 x 50 sek = 1.850 sek
In PDF, you get 17 winds, brass, timpani and solo parts + 5 string parts: 22 x 40 sek = 880 sek
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PDF, Printed