Schubert, Franz: Der Doppelgänger, score


Scoring: tenor and string quartet

Durata: ca 5 min

Score format: A4, 7 pages

Original scoring: High voice and piano, b minor.

Arranger: Torbjörn Helander, 2017

Notes: Available in other keys, on request.


The price includes score and parts.

Separate printed score: 150 kr (Coil bound. A4 format. 7 pages. Frosted plastic front, hardback.)
Separate score in PDF: 90 kr. (A4 format. 7 pages)

To add parts, please click here:
Printed parts: à 40 kr (B4 format. 1 page. 120g Munken paper)
Parts in PDF: à 24 kr (B4 format. 1 page.)


Printed, PDF