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Tchaikovsky: Complete Nutcracker suite, woodwind reduction. Parts only.


Scoring: 2*2*2*2-xxxx-x-x

Replacing: 3*3*3*2-xxxx-x-x

Original scoring: 3*3*3*2-4231-13 1-1-Str

Part format: B4, 5-7 pages


Arranger: David Björkman, 2015

Notes: Parts only. Section score provided without cost.

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The complete suite with woodwinds reduced to double (2*2*2*2-) With cues in all parts and correct rehearsal marks. This reduction is compatible with the rest of the orchestra in full scoring.

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Printed parts: à 60 kr (Coil bound. B4 format. 5-7 pages, hardback.)
Parts in PDF: à 35 kr (B4 format. 5-7 pages.)



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