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Wagner, Richard: Prelude III to Tristan und Isolde


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for Reduced orchestra, score. Find the parts HERE.

Scoring: 02*22-4000-0-Str

Durata: ca 4.30 min.

Score format: B4, 6 pages

Original scoring: 33*3*3-4000-1-Str + stage music (6-12 horns)

Arranger: David Björkman, 2021

Notes: String section is prepared and balanced for a smaller group. The off-stage horn choir in scene 1 is arranged for 4 horns, supported by trp, trb and tb.

Printed score: 250 kr (B4 format, 6 pages. Coil bound, frosted plastic cover, hardback)
Score in PDF: 175 kr (B4 format, 6 pages.)

To add parts to your order, please click here:
Printed parts: à 40 kr (B4 format. 1 page. Munken paper)
Parts in PDF: à 28 kr (B4-format. 1 page.)

In the printed material, you get a standard string section of 20 parts:
10 winds and horn parts + 20 string parts = 1.200 sek
In PDF, you get 10 winds and horn parts + 5 string parts = 420 sek
Please contact us to pre-adjust or change the order.


Printed, PDF